Recovery Boots
After training, the body needs to clear metabolic waste and restore the natural delivery of oxygen and plasma to the muscles – Recovery Pump boots do all of this while you sit in one of our comfortable recliners. The recovery boots feel amazing and can be used daily to treat fatigued muscles. Come on in and zip up your recovery boots and catch up on the latest sports or take on your rival in some Xbox in the Recovery lounge.

Muscle Stimulation
Active recovery can be very helpful, but it can be difficult to execute correctly. If your active recovery is too aggressive or you do it for too long, you’ll actually cause more fatigue as opposed to recovering.

At Movement Edge we provide targeted active recovery through the use of Muscle Stimulation. The service is easy, comfortable, convenient and targeted.

Vibration Therapy (purchased separately)
Movement Edge utilizes a state- of- the art system that enhances and accelerates therapeutic recovery. Its rapid mechanical percussions penetrate several layers of muscle with up to 3600 percussions per minute. The system can aid in increasing mobility, decreasing stiffness and improving the speed of recovery.